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12 volt jeep wrangler from Fisher-Price.Two seat, holds up to 130pounds. Two speed forward (2.5 and 5 MPH).One speed reverse (2.5 MPH ). Rechargeable 12 volt battery and charger included.




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Power Wheels Zone is the best zone to find perfect Power Wheels for your boys or girls and all power wheels parts and accessories including the original Power Wheels Fisher Price® at Amazon. COM’s collection.

Compare models from many merchant and you will find the best price and the best Power Wheels. Find the perfect Power Wheels at our Power Wheels Collection.

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Power Wheels have many specifications; choose the right one for your kids. These are some item that you have to check when you want to buy Power Wheels:

Maximum speed both forward and reverse (there is maximum speed for power Wheels depend on age of your children. This is for safety reason), power lock brake for safety, powerful motor, seatbelt, maximum weight, for what kind surface, how big is battery voltage ( bigger the voltage, faster the Power Wheels), battery charger (there is standard charger and quick charger), rear storage, CB mike, manual instruction, warranty (1 year warranty is the longest warranty in Power Wheels industry including 6 months battery warranty), how to charging the battery(some models need to lift the seat to charge the battery), other features like FM radio.

Dozens of models are available including Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle, Kawasaki® Ninja®, and Jeep® - the most realistic looking cars in the ride-on category. You can find it on our Power Wheels collection.



Ride on Cars 

The electric-powered ride on cars made by toy companies are replicas of big cars. They come with various controls that allow the child to learn to control the electric ride on cars intelligently. The ride-on cars come with several names like Children's ride on cars that can carry children up to five years of age...

Power Wheels Barbie

Power Wheels Barbie is the best choice for your girls. Manufacturer by Fisher-price, Power wheels Barbie available with several Colors and decoration. Equipped with high-speed lock out for beginners and Power Lock® brakes for safety.....

Modify Your Power Wheels

You can faster your power wheels by upgrade some power wheels component. But, remember, if you modify your power wheels, you will lose your power wheels warranty. The simplest way to make your power wheels or other ride on faster is by upgrading the voltage...

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